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our teachers

Classes for the current academic year are listed below, with links to each classroom's page.

Pre-Kindergarten - Amy Scott 4th Grade - Toni Hammond
Kindergarten/1st Grade - Karen Thorsten 5th Grade - Mary Ratz
Kindergarten/1st Grade - Jody Torgerson 6th Grade - Stephanie Miller
2nd Grade - Sandy Anderson Phy-Ed - Glenda Prom
3rd Grade - Maria Dombrovski Computer Class - Trent Robertson
Music Class - Amy Walker

our administrative & support staff

Mrs. Christine Friederichs

Mrs. Christine Friederichs, Principal
Mrs. Friederichs is a graduate of St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and has a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Notre Dame. She has been working in Catholic Schools in the St. Cloud Diocese for over 30 years. In 1994 she was the recipient of the Leadership in Education Excellence Award (LEEA) and is Barton trained. Mrs. Friederichs has 3 adult children and lives with her husband, Jamie, near Rockville in the Pleasant Lake area. She loves to read, spend time at the cabin with her family, travel, and hang out with her dog, Edward.


Mrs. Carol Stuckmayer

Mrs. Carol Stuckmayer, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Stuckmayer is the Administrative Assistant, working with both the secretarial and bookkeeping duties.  Carol was Barton trained in 2016 and tutors some students at the school. Before coming to SJAS, Mrs. Stuckmayer worked in the Finance and Customer Support area at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (formerly Bankers System) & Plaza Park Bank.  Mrs. Stuckmayer’s husband is Gary and they have a daughter, Anna, who graduated from SJAS.  Mrs. Stuckmayer enjoys gardening, biking, walking, and crafts.


Mrs. Michelle Buettner

Mrs. Michelle Buettner, Librarian & Teachers' Aide
Mrs. Buettner joined the SJAS staff in 2009. She attended the University of MN-Morris and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. She  has been reorganizing the library and is working to expand the Acclerated Reader program. She also goes outside with the children at recess. Mrs. Buettner and her husband, Myron, have one son, Cole, who is a graduate of SJAS. They have a pet goose named Caesar. Mrs. Buettner enjoys reading, cross-stitching, and being outdoors.


Mrs. Kathy Ross

Mrs. Kathy Ross, Teachers' Aide & Musician
Mrs. Ross joined SJAS in the fall of 2008. She provides the guitar music for the school liturgies and leads the singing at church. She also assists Mrs. Stuckmayer in the office. Mrs. Ross was Barton trained in 2016 and tutors students at the school. Mrs. Ross is married to Barry and has four children and two grandchildren. She enjoys flower gardening, decorating, reading, and anything related to art.


Mr. Eric Novak

Mr. Eric Novak, Custodian
Mr. Novak has experience as a carpenter, as a farmer, and has framed houses. His parents are Doug and Johnelle and he has siblings: Roseann, Mark, Anita, Dale, Linn, Lori, Aaron, Rhonda, Sarah, and Theresa.  Mr. Novak likes to fish and hunt.




Mrs. Denise Stawarski

Mrs. Denise Stawarski, Nutrition Director
Denise joined the SJAS staff in the fall of 1999 as one of two cooks. In 2010, she took over the duties of Nutrition Director. Denise and her husband, Jerry, have two children, Emily and Jeremiah. Denise enjoys her husband's flower gardens, her pets and a good book.