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computers: Mr. Robertson

Trent RobertsonMr. Trent Robertson

Mr. Robertson started teaching at St. John’s in the fall of 2009. His time is also shared with Foley Public Schools as a Diversity through Technology Integrationist. He received a Keyboarding for Computer Applications K – 8 license from Hamline University. In May 2004, he earned a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning degree through Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. He also has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Winona State University in elementary education, a kindergarten endorsement, and an athletic coaching certificate. Mr. Robertson currently lives in St. Cloud, Minnesota with his wife and four children. He enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible—especially camping. As time permits, he loves to play racquetball and volleyball. He enjoys playing the following card games: cribbage, Phase 10, 500, and euchre. He is an avid photographer.

About the Classroom

  • In grades K to 3, students will continue to reinforce computer skills from the previous year.  Students will illustrate stories using digital tools and media-rich resources.  Utilizing the Type to Learn 3 program, keyboarding begins with correct posture and technique as well as hands – on practice with other word processing applications.
  • In grades 4 to 6, students will also continue to build on their computer skills.  Students will utilize an application to create charts.  A database will be created to organize a collection of items.  In calling upon Mr. Robertson’s photography background, students will create a video documenting school, community, or local events.
  • The above learning activities only describe a small portion of what will be happening in the computer lab this year.  As a best practice, content from the classroom will also be integrated into the computer curriculum as much as possible.