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4th Grade

Mrs. Toni HammondMrs. Toni Hammond

Mrs. Hammond is very excited to be teaching 4th grade at SJAS! She enjoys watching her students grow in their faith and academics throughout the year.

Mrs. Hammond is married to Randy and they have two grown children, Victoria and Christopher (who are alumni of SJAS). Mrs. Hammond enjoys living in the country where she likes to garden, bake, and read.

About the Classroom

  • Religion: We explore our Catholic Faith in our lives.
  • Math: We work with units on place value, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, geometric shapes, and graphing.
  • Reading: We read for meaning in varied literary forms and novel units.
  • English: We will strive to increase writing skills in various formats.
  • Science: We explore through units in Simple Machines, Water Cycle, Matter, Rocks and Minerals, Energy, Electricity.
  • Social Studies: We will be learning about Regions in the United States, geography, maps and globes.

Other Things to Know

  • E-mail and planners will be used for communication and checked consistently.
  • Students need to read each day at school and at home to complete Accelerated Reading goals and expectations.
  • Students are also required to work on multiplication and division facts at home for mastery.
  • Newsletters will be sent home on Fridays
  • Mass: The students will attend Mass twice a week and our class will be responsible for planning and helping at the Mass periodically throughout the year. Dates for our Masses will be in the classroom newsletter. Students will be asked to assist as servers at Mass on a rotating basis.
  • Televised Mass: Students are asked to attend the taping of the Diocesan televised Mass once during the year. They will be providing the music for the liturgy.